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Re: [T3] fuel pump relay failure?

On 14 Oct 2004 at 10:36, Geoffrey Korol wrote:

> I'm new at this so I hope that I am doing this right.

You did just fine.  ;-)

> My 1970 squareback stalled, and the person who helped me out knows
> about type 3's. He determined that there was a failure in the fuel
> pump relays. However, when we replaced one at a time, it didn't start.
> So I went today and bought 2 new relays. I installed them, but now the
> fuel pump won't turn off. The only way it turns off is if I unplug the
> wire from 30 on the relay.

There is only one fuel pump relay, and that is under the dash. The relay under 
the back seat is the FI main power relay.

On a manual tranny '70 there are 2 red wires going to the relay (in addition to 
the 2 in the plastic plug), but there are 3 terminals on the relay. Two of the 
relay terminals are actually connected together inside the relay; your 2 wires 
must be connected to those 2 terminals. So all you have to do is to move one of 
the red wires to a different terminal on the relay.

Once you do this you should just put your hand on the fuel pump relay while you 
turn the key ON. You should feel that relay click closed and then release a 
second later. If you feel this, then you know that BOTH relays are working 

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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