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Re: cross threading and brakes. . [T3] re: '67 squareback, with every little thing wrong.

On 14 Oct 2004 at 11:32, fess wrote:

> in addition to the shock tower mounts having had the wrong thread bolts.

> the calipers on the disc brake kit have course threading for the brake 
> line.

> Also, he used the wrong brake lines.  the ones in the front
> were like 19" long, I think that's early beetle.

> Also, he had the wrong calipers switched left to right.

> he had the wrong thread bolts in bearing end cap. 

I think I can speak for the rest of us out here in saying that we are all in 
total AWE at the job you have before you and have joyfully accepted. We expect 
to see you and this car at the next invasion and I think there will have to be 
a special award waiting there for you, for the person who overcame the greatest 
difficulties to bring his type 3 back from the clutches of the dark side.

Now before all you darksiders get your shorts in a bunch, let me clarify that 
this car is coming back, not from the dark side born of thoughtful creativity, 
but from the dark side born of ignorance. The former can truly be a thing of 
beauty, but the latter is only a sad day for all of us.

> Another thing that's missing from the brakes is the
> master cylinder gravel guard. [what's the right name for that? ]

These aren't really too important, but if you want one, I have one.

> The front brakes at some point had the caliper on wrong
> because it rubbed against the rotor. So that needs to be turned.
> the calipers seem to be new replacements, So I guess I have
> even less braking power in the front.

These rotors are pretty thin to start with; there's not much meat there to turn 
down. You may be better off with new rotors.

> I feel like I rescued this poor '67. but now I have to pay the big hospital
> bills. ;)    I guess I'm "bonding" with it. 

Thanks, from all of us.   ;-)

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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