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Re: [T3] fuel pump relay failure?

>The only way it turns off is if I unplug the wire from 30 on the relay.

Hi Geoff, 

Email = successful. Are the leads to 85 & 86 situated correctly [I'm unsure if it 
matters, but it may]? Did you replace the red wires one at a time [I *think* I replaced 
them in correct position...  ]? Have you a multimeter? I used to have some 
beater multimeters that I cannot find at the moment, otherwise I'd have loaned you one. 
Troubleshooting electrical without one is like not having shoes in the rain, a situation 
best rectified as soon as possible.

I think it unadvisable to leave the wire that connects to 30 unhooked and hanging with 
battery installed. IIRC, this lead is hot all the time, and will relish in showering 
sparks everywhere should it graze any uninsulated metal. It's entirely possible [it was a 
long day at work yesterday] that in swapping in and out the relay from my car, that I 
fudged the position of the leads when replacing and the nonfunctional state of the relay 
did not bring such a mistake to our attention at once. I'd begin by tracing the wires per 
schematic just to be sure it's in there correctly.

Again, a welcome to the type 3 world, there are many good people here.

Have fun,


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