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cross threading and brakes. . [T3] re: '67 squareback, with every little thing wrong.


in addition to the shock tower mounts having had the wrong thread bolts.
the calipers on the disc brake kit have course threading for the brake line.
the kit actually comes with the brake line adapter to match the threading.
but the P.O. forced the brake lines into it, which rethreaded
the brake lines.

Also, he used the wrong brake lines.  the ones in the front
were like 19" long, I think that's early beetle.

Also, he had the wrong calipers switched left to right.
[ actually I think this was to help with the parking brake
issue, the exit point for the parking brake is going
to make it very difficult to even fabricate a functional line. ]

I know at this point I should convert the brakes back.  but with
the addition of the shortened axles for wheel clearance issues,
it kept seeming like just getting things working with the existing parts
would allow me to get around for a while and get the car out of the
mechanics sooner, and recuperate before taking on another big job,
or maybe even get some space setup where I can do bigger jobs myself.

In addition to cross threading those things, he had the wrong
thread bolts in bearing end cap. [ thing that holds the
brake plate or caliper bracket on. ]

So, that's three major cross threading incidents.
I'm actually worried this guy might touch another car.
and I'm very glad he didn't build the motor.

Another thing that's missing from the brakes is the
master cylinder gravel guard. [what's the right name for that? ]

The front brakes at some point had the caliper on wrong
because it rubbed against the rotor. So that needs to be turned.
the calipers seem to be new replacements, So I guess I have
even less braking power in the front.

I feel like I rescued this poor '67.
but now I have to pay the big hospital bills. ;)
I guess I'm "bonding" with it.

thanks for listening to me vent.


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