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RE: [T3] Front Axle

This will be my next step. I took it to a shop to get a 4 wheel
alignment with the new tires on it and they told me EVERYTHING was worn
or loose in front. As soon as I get a free minute we will tear in to it.
I am saving these emails. :-)

Rich & Nicole (Daughter), Orange County, CA
70/71 SquareBack MT FI

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On 12 Oct 2004 at 20:28, Rus wrote:

> well im not exactly sure i thought that the front wheel bearings was 
> shot because the wheel was like it was loose.....it moved around 
> alot.....so i took off the wheels and its not the wheel 
> bearings.....it has to do with the steering itself.....like in the 
> torsion arm and steering box and such...........its really loose in 
> that area.....

You need to pin down the problem a bit more. Probably the best way is to
get a 
second person who can shake things while you feel around and find which
are moving.

A common problem is that the upper trailing arms are held in place by a
bar, the anti-sway bar, that runs between them. The attachement of this
sometimes gets loose on the left side. You can see this if someone grabs
top of one wheel and pulls it in and out while you look or feel where
the upper 
trailing arm comes out of the axle beam. If there is more than 1mm of
there, then this part needs attention. 

The up side is that this can be easy to fix, just tighten the set screw
lock nut. See your Bentley manual for details.

The down side is that if this has been loose for a long time, then it
will have 
enlarged the hole in the left trailing arm and it will never stay tight
you replace the trailing arm.

BUT.... Don't just assume this is your problem, YOU have to tell us
where your 
play is. Then we can help you better.

BTW, there are 4 grease fittings on the front axle beam. They each need
at least once a year. You're doing this, right?   ;-)

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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