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Re: [T3] Front Axle

On 14 Oct 2004 at 6:43, Rus wrote:

> i believe thatis my problems.......was working on it
> last night. the torsion bar is sliding back and forth
> on the stabalizer bar.........

> So how do i get this crazy nut out for one thing or is
> the torsion arm bar too bad to use and should i get
> another one?


Two comments:

First, I try to encourage people to delete excess quoted text from their 
messages to the list, since the excess just clutters the list archives and 
consumes extra Internet bandwidth as it is sent out to 400 list members 

Second: your question.

The stabilizer bar is just a special rod that is anchored to each upper 
trailing arm. If you remove the anchors from each side you can slide the bar 
all the way out without removing any other part of the suspension. 

Do this by jacking up the car in a place where you have about 1.5m clearance to 
the left of the LF wheel. Remove both F wheels. Remove the two anchor bolts 
from the R side of the stabilizer bar and the single bolt from the L side. Tap 
on the R end of the bar and drive it out the L side. Once it has started out 
you can just pull it all the way out.

The reason that you want to drive this out from R to L is that there is a small 
steel cover over the left side hole which you want to come out, not in. You may 
lose that cover when you drive the bar out, or it may already be lost. Don't 
worry about it; it's not really important.

Now you can examine it. There should be double flat sides on both ends of the 
bar. If these flats are rounded the bar will not work any more and must be 

There will be a small round dimple in one of the flats on the L end. If this is 
no longer round, you can make it round by drilling it a bit deeper. If you do 
this, make sure you make a dimple that the setscrew anchor will fit into 
nicely. The dimple MUST be in the right place. If you're not sure where the 
right place is, I can measure one here and tell you. If the dimple is too 
damaged to repair, you can make an entirely new one on the other side. Again, 
you have to make sure that you do this in the right place.

You also need to check the hole in the L upper swing arm. Just reverse the bar 
and stick it's L end in the L arm to see if the fit of the bar is snug in the 
arm. If it is loose, then the hole in the arm may be too worn to ever hold 
well. The big question is whether the flat on the bar and the flat in the hole 
are both flat enough that the bar cannot "rock" in the hole. If you're unsure, 
you can always try it; what you've done so far is pretty easy compared to 
trying to replace the upper arm.

Good luck and let us know what you find.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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