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[T3] Please recycle your old calipers. I'll buy them.

I need caliper cores.

My stock of early type 3 calipers has been completely depleted and yet I 
continue to get in more calipers to rebuild. Usually I can just rebuild and 
return the calipers that I am sent, but more and more I'm finding that the 
calipers I'm getting have a problem that makes them "less than perfect" for 

We can still buy new calipers for our cars, but they are really NOT the right 
parts. They have smaller pistons, for less braking power, and lack several 
features that our OE calipers came with. I don't recommend them.

I need cores.

I suspect that many of you have old calipers lying around that you figure will 
turn out to be useful someday. I'm here to tell you that old calipers just left 
lying around, will be almost worthless after a few years. The brake fluid in 
them absorbs moisture and becomes corrosive. They may get so rusty inside that 
no amount of TLC will bring them back from the dead.

You have a few choices: You can let them die and throw them away; you can 
rebuild them NOW, yourself, you can send them to me to rebuild for you NOW, or 
you can just admit that you're never going to get around to it, and send them 
to me so that I can salvage as much as possible from them and help to keep type 
3s with good brakes on the road.

If you send me your old cores I will repay you your postage and a little more 
for your trouble. I'm only interested in OE style calipers, however, so make 
sure that there is a cutout in the face of the piston, as shown in the Bentley 
manual. If you send me calipers that are obviously aftermarket I'm afraid those 
have no value to me.

If you want to send me calipers and let me sort them out, that's fine, but I'll 
only pay for OE style calipers. Look at the face of the piston: If the face of 
the piston has a cutout so that the piston does NOT make full circle contact 
with the back of the pad, then that is an OE piston and I will pay you for the 
shipping and your trouble. There is a good picture of the face of an OE piston 
in the Bentley manual; they are easy to identify.

Pistons which have a deep well in the center of the face, more than 1/2" deep, 
are also NOT OE pistons.

I will accept OE caliper which have ANY other flaws.

Please email me directly if you have some calipers to contribute to the cause.


Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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