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Re: [T3] Clutch cable

Thanks Jim, Russ and Dave for all the great advise and information.
I was unable to read your emails in the weekend because of birthday
celebrations, however, I did tackle the job.  Read the manual prior to
starting and removing the cluster (as Dave pointed out, wasn't much
different except it seem more involved than what it would be like for a

Now, much to my dismay, the cable was not broken... It was the hook from the
cluster that broke.  I was able to fish out the hook that broke and take the
cluster to get it welded.  It is welded, back in and it seems to work.  BUT,
is this really going to last or should I be looking around for a good second
hand cluster?

Thanks all.

71 Notch

> one.  Last time I used the hatch at the front of the framehead, but you still
> have to fiddle the pedal stop to hook the cable over with pedal flat on
> floor.Use the pedal stop to adjust the freeplay in the brake pedal; don't be
> tempted to do that using the nuts and length adjuster.

I was never tempted to use the nuts and length adjuster for the brake pedal,
I need it was going to be hard to get the freeplay right again.  Thanks for
the heads up though.

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