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Re: [T3] type 3 choke covers

> I think I've read that these can lose contact between the heater element and
> the rivets. I think I've seen an article about trying to tighten that
> connection back up, but I suspect that it would be hard to get that connection
> good again once it has gone bad.

Yes, I've had trouble of that sort, and it isn't easy to make a bad contact
better.  I think mine was loose rivets to the blade connector, so a bit of
solder sorted it.
 I don't think these contacts were particularly bad - I suspect that since both
the used 6V and 12V covers had higher resistance than they should, it may be
more likely the corrosion of the resistance wire rather than particularly poor
contacts to blame.

> > Oddly, in view of our conversation about 6v to 12V change-over dates, there
> > 6V carbs listed in the parts book in connection with much later twin-port
> > numbers.  I wonder if there are some markets that stuck with 6V after all.
> I hadn't even looked at this, but the latest 6V carb that I see on my list
> went on engine T 0 260 000, which was the end of MY '66. This is consistent
> with 12V starting in '67. Does your list show something later?

You're right - it sounded such a late number I assumed it was later than '66.

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