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Re: [T3] type 3 choke covers

On 9 Oct 2004 at 20:47, Dave Hall wrote:

> I would expect that the absence of any voltage marking and the 341 number which
> is typical of parts for the earlier carbs means they are 6V.

I hadn't noticed that mine were 341 parts while the latest versions are 311 

> My tests seem to agree with yours for a couple of NOS choke covers too.
> Two NOS in boxes labelled 311 129 191F and marked 6V in the casting were both
> about 2.5ohms (non-calibrated meter).  

Yes, the F version is listed as the  latest 6V version. I think this makes it 
pretty clear that the covers I have here are just first generation 6V covers.

> A 12V one on an old carb measured about 12 ohms, which matched another 12V one,
> also used.

I think I've read that these can lose contact between the heater element and 
the rivets. I think I've seen an article about trying to tighten that 
connection back up, but I suspect that it would be hard to get that connection 
good again once it has gone bad.

> Oddly, in view of our conversation about 6v to 12V change-over dates, there are
> 6V carbs listed in the parts book in connection with much later twin-port engine
> numbers.  I wonder if there are some markets that stuck with 6V after all.

I hadn't even looked at the this, but the latest 6V carb that I see on my list 
went on engine T 0 260 000, which was the end of MY '66. This is consistent 
with 12V starting in '67. Does your list show something later?
Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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