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Re: [T3] Gas tank overflow hoses


Thanks for forwarding the info below. I've asked Greg about it, just to make 
sure that there's no problem on our end. I'm surprised however, because I don't 
think anyone else has similar problems. Please look for my comments below.

On 8 Oct 2004 at 11:17, fess wrote:

> it seems that ISP West was unable to reply to your email about their 
> overflow tube.
> [ error from qmail about forged headers? probably some misguided spam 
> blocking.

I don't think I have any spam blocking in place on this acct. Greg says that 
this is a pretty unusual error, almost never occurs, and that he thinks there 
might be something malformed about the header they're sending out, as if they 
are forging a false header for some reason.

> Here's a summary of what Alex had to say:
> They think that the soaking in kerosene test might be a little
> too much of a test for an overflow tube since it's not a fuel line.

That kind of depends on how you define "fuel line." The gas in it is 
unpressurized, but it is certainly in contact with fuel almost all of the time.

> > I daily drive a 69 Squareback built with all the parts we sell, I 
> > drive at
> > least 10 miles each way Monday thru Friday and I top off my tank every
> > Friday for the last 2 years, 311 201 179B has not failed and that is a 
> > real test.

I agree that this is a real test. We just don't know whether his part has 
swelled up and is flimsy and fragile or if it is unaffected. Note that I have 2 
parts in my test, both of which appear to be genuine OEM VW and yet one failed 
and the other passed. It appears to me that either the maker made some parts 
from the wrong rubber compound or that one of these parts is a counterfeit.

> Also he says that the part number is a real VW part number
> and that perhaps you are not considering all the possible
> sources of vw parts numbers when you make the claim that it's not:

It's certainly possible that it is a real VW part, but then I've been buying 
these parts for 35 years and never came across this version before. It's not in 
any of my microfilms or my '73 paper parts list. One can ask how there can be A 
& C versions without a B, but that seems to happen fairly often. I usually 
assume that someone planned such a part at one time, but that the part got 
superceded so quickly that no one ever saw one.

I think they're just blowing smoke.

We exchanged a few emails a few years ago about the brake calipers they were 
selling for type 3s. It was clear to me that these were type 1 Ghia calipers, 
they could only say that they were the correct parts listed for Type 3s. I got 
the impression that they didn't really know anything except what the catalog 
pages told them. They were unable to converse on the real substance of the 
problem, which was that the type 1 calipers were 40mm while correct Type 3 
calipers were 42mm, let alone any of the subtle differences that have been 
changed over the years.

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