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Re: [T3] type 3 choke covers

I would expect that the absence of any voltage marking and the 341 number which
is typical of parts for the earlier carbs means they are 6V.

My tests seem to agree with yours for a couple of NOS choke covers too.
Two NOS in boxes labelled 311 129 191F and marked 6V in the casting were both
about 2.5ohms (non-calibrated meter).  Another marked 6V but used got down to
about 6 ohms when good contact was made with the probes.

A 12V one on an old carb measured about 12 ohms, which matched another 12V one,
also used.
I've not tried cleaning the connections with solvents etc - it might be possible
to get the values for the used ones down a bit.  I remember having trouble
getting the connector to make good contact with one of the choke heaters on my
old 6V Variant about 25 years ago.

Thus NOS 6v power = 24Watts; used 6V power = 6Watts; used 12V power = 12Watts.
Maybe that's a reason for them taking rather a long time for the idle to fall
back during warm-up.

Oddly, in view of our conversation about 6v to 12V change-over dates, there are
6V carbs listed in the parts book in connection with much later twin-port engine
numbers.  I wonder if there are some markets that stuck with 6V after all.

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club
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> From: "Jim Adney" <jadney@vwtype3.org>
> > Can anyone tell me which voltage these are for? I suspect that they are
> > 6V, but don't want to just assume that.
> I measured the cold resistance of these 2 choke covers. Both measure about 2.5
> Ohms, cold. The part #s are 341 129 191/192.
> At 7 V this would dissipate about 20 Watts, but the actual power would be
> because the resistance will increase significantly as they warm up. At 14V
> would come out to 80 Watts, which is way too much, unless the resistance goes
> WAY up with temp, which is certainly possible.
> If these are 6V covers, then I would expect 12V covers to measure about 10
> Ohms.
> If these are 12V covers, then I would expect 6V covers to measure about 2/3
> Ohm.
> Would one of you out there with a known voltage cover please measure its cold
> resistance and let me know what resistance you get for that voltage?

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