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Re: [T3] Gas tank overflow hoses


it seems that ISP West was unable to reply to your email about their overflow tube.
[ error from qmail about forged headers? probably some misguided spam blocking.
I'll send you the bounce they got directly. ]

I had just purchased the part from them. So I asked them their
opinion on the tests you ran, they responded and let me know they
were unable to respond to you.

Here's a summary of what Alex had to say:

They think that the soaking in kerosene test might be a little
too much of a test for an overflow tube since it's not a fuel line.

I daily drive a 69 Squareback built with all the parts we sell, I drive at
least 10 miles each way Monday thru Friday and I top off my tank every
Friday for the last 2 years, 311 201 179B has not failed and that is a real

Also he says that the part number is a real VW part number and that perhaps you are not considering all the possible sources of vw parts numbers when you make the claim that it's not:

all the
supplements sheets sent to dealers with superceded numbers and variations of
the numbers for the same part but made by a different plant in a different
country and not to consider that perhaps a alternate OEM supplier made part
with a B, shipped out to a VW warehouse anywhere in the world.

He concedes that they do have parts that are not the quality they would
hope for ( "tail light seals and felt") But insists that from their experience
the gas tank overflow hoses are a good part.

john fessenden

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