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Re: [T3] Clutch cable

311 721 335A is the part number from chassis 315 125 561.  It's 2333mm ( 91
27/32") long - same as earlier one, but I think that has a shorter eye that can
slip off the hook easier - not handy if it does it due to being a bit slack or
too much friction in the tube.  No difference LHD and RHD.

Not much difference - RHD pedal cluster is a bit more tricky to remove than LHD
one.  Last time I used the hatch at the front of the framehead, but you still
have to fiddle the pedal stop to hook the cable over with pedal flat on
floor.Use the pedal stop to adjust the freeplay in the brake pedal; don't be
tempted to do that using the nuts and length adjuster.

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club
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From: "Petri O. Calderon Larjanko" <petri@unsw.edu.au>
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Sent: Friday, October 08, 2004 4:10 AM
Subject: [T3] Clutch cable

> Hi all,
> I have searched past posts but cannot find the answer.  Today, on my way to
> work, the clutch cable broke (or so I think,I have not had a look at it yet,
> but I hope it is just the cable).
> The question is: in case I have to buy a new cable, what is the part number
> for my RHD 71 Notch?  Is it interchangeable with a T1 or are they different
> lengths?
> Also, I grabbed some steps for changing the clutch cable in a T1, would
> these differ a lot to change the cable on a T3?  I do have the manuals at
> home, so I will be looking at them when I get there for more info.  I jus
> thought I would ask anyway.
> Regards and thanks in advanced.
> -- 
> Petri
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