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Re: [T3] fender welting

On 8 Oct 2004 at 12:29, Mark Seaton wrote:

> Obviously its nice to keep the coloured welting, but my orange ones were in
> a terrible state. 

Did you know that all the Porsche 911s have 2 short pieces of BLACK welting at 
the lower corners of their windshields? For some reason megabucks Porsche made 
the decision to use black welting regardless of paint color, while frugal VW 
created color matched welting sets for each and every car they made. Never made 
sense to me....

> A local taxi garage (London black cab)  supplied me with enough welting FOC
> to complete the job. It is very similar to the original in cross section- a
> little bit shallower on the ribbed bit, but the correct sort of rounded "T"
> outer profile, in black PVC. I like to think it makes a nice contrast against
> the orange body panels. I think there must be loads of older cars with
> removeable wings that used similar welting. There are still plenty of FX4
> london cabs around (in London!) so I think there must be a source (cheap) for
> the stuff if you're willing to look. 

I agree. There MUST be a source for this stuff in at least a few colors. Sounds 
like you're on to something.

What's an FX4? Were they all black?

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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