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Re: [T3] Electrical issues...

 --- Jim Adney <jadney@vwtype3.org> skrev: 
> On 7 Oct 2004 at 14:29, William Kunz wrote:
> > I've been having some weird issues with my
> headlights, turn signals and
> > interior light. The headlights: Only one light
> would go on, but when I
> > engage the hi-beams both go on. Then this morning
> one headlight came on
> > and when I hit the hi-beams, the one that was on
> turned off and the one
> > that was off turned on. With the turn signals,
> same thing - one will
> > work then other won't, etc... The interior light
> has a mind of it's own.
> > Where's a good place to start? The battery is a
> year old. Generator? 
> This is neither a battery nor a generator problem.
> It is most likely a fuse or 
> ground problem. Check your fuses first. Look for
> fuses which are broken but 
> which can make intermittent contact as the pieces
> move around.
> Your '69 should have ground wires for everything,
> but if some of them are 
> broken that might be behind some of the problems.
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>  All above sounds logic to me. Another thing would
be to get a wiringdiagram from almost anywhere on the
net and mark out all circuits that has to do with
headlights and flashers with a pencil. Follow each one
through all connections and clean out as you proceed.
It seem that electrical stuff is rarely broken, just
dirty, corroded or wrong conected.

The cables in and around the steering column is really
a bitch to work on, as is finding the cables, but look
at the link and go to "mek-tips" in the menu on the
left and there is a very nice pic that is helpful when
finding where all cables in the diagram are actually



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