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Re: [T3] Por15 or ... ?

POR 15 painted on rust, with just the scaley stuff removed WILL fail in just
a few weeks.  Rust ground down with a wire wheel and sprayed with the rust
reformer will holdup better but Ive had that fail too.  POR 15 over
sandblasted metal I have had good luck with.  Big problem with 15 is that IF
it does fail you really have a monumetal problem on  your hands betting it
ALL off... sandblasting it is even tough.

Ive just tried using the eastwood rust reformer.  Doesnt seem as tough as
the 15 but after 4 months on the wire-wheeled boat trailer its OK at least
with a topcoat.  It has failed where the trailer was welded... perhaps some
chemical reaction under there where it was heated.

Rust is Hydroscopic... and I still dont think there is anything that you can
merely cover it with.  It will keep rusting and eventually come back out,
the products on the market will slow this but if your preserving something
for many years... Id be worried/


Keith Park

Top Notch Restorations
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65 Squareback
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> Hi Folks
> As we are getting ready to paint the cleaned pan I thought that I
> should check to see what the feeling is regarding POR15 or other
> chassis paints. So far, we have a "clean" pan. That is, I have wire
> brushed it back to the clear black original paint, some clean bare
> metal, and some scrubbed old rust spots. My plan had been to use
> POR15 to paint the whole thing but there was a recent comment about
> how messy it is, whether it is really durable, or whether I should
> use some other paint. I sure would appreciate your thoughts - before
> I paint. Thanks.
> Dave
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