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Re: [T3] 62 gulf blue redo

 To be totally anal correct: The tin is satin black, not gloss like mine(I
like gloss!), the fan housing is Aluminum cast natural( I just sprayed
lacquer on mine to preserve it after blasting) same for the fan. The case is
natural and I don't recommend doing anything to it other than cleaning, the
manifold, elbows, exhaust are supposed to be zinc coat flat from the
factory( I left the cast part on the manifold natural and painted the tubes
grey then coated it all with lacquer). The exhaust is NOS so I wont have to
do anything to it. The cherry ontop is stickers, small paint marks(like on
the fan when you look down the hole, and the line-up hole on genny strap)
that really set the motor off. On the coil and cleaner after paint coat, I
put the sticker on then coat with lacquer to protect it. I have found that
the prints on stickers don't hold well to solvents and such!


Hope this helps


> >
> Jason,
> Do you have paint codes & details for which parts are which colours ?
> Or was it just a case of saying 'these bits are black, and these bits are
> I will be doing an engine rebuild one day, and want to get all my bits &
bobs redone like yours. I hope they will look as nice as yours do!
> Thanks,
> Matthew

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