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RE: [T3] SMOKE!!!

On 3 Oct 2004 at 23:07, Kevin Guarnotta wrote:

> Jim,
> You said that that you take each connector apart and tighten the female pin.
> I've never looked closely enough to see this part-or how it comes apart, but
> is this process documented anywhere-and is this a regular maintenance thing
> that is recommended(like do it every oil change, every year, every 2 years?)

It's just my recommendation based on 35 years of experience. I once found that 
Bosch apparently started using thinner material for the male pins in the 
injectors and that the old female connectors didn't fit replacement injectors 
snugly as a consequence. I can't be sure of my measurements, because it is hard 
to get in there to measure, and there might be some corrosion on the old pins 
which could mislead me.

At any rate, I frequently find that these connections are loose and 
intermittent. This is easy to test if you have one of the Bosch FI testers, but 
possible otherwise, especially if you have a second person to help.

To disassemble the connectors, you need to make a tool. Mine is a piece of 
1/16" stainless steel welding rod filed rectangular on one end. I slip it into 
the special opening on the fact of the connector and push the locking tab on 
the female pin back from the step in the housing. Then the pin can be withdrawn 
from the plastic connector shell. Once the pins are out, you can test them for 
tightness individually on an injector. If they are loose, squeeze them very 
gently and try again. BE VERY CAREFUL not to overdo it. 

Keith, do you still have bags of replacement pins? Remind us again of the 

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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