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Re: [T3] SMOKE!!!

On 2 Oct 2004 at 22:13, Joel Briglia wrote:

> I finally finished changing the oil cooler seals on my '73 fastback. When I
> got everything back together and started the car, I realized that the
> original braided fuel hose coming in to the engine was leaking badly. I
> replaced the line and started the car again to find that it idles faster
> than it used to and it idles evenly where it used to surge and then almost
> stall out. The car drives better than ever with less hesitation and more
> even acceleration, however, when I got home from my test drive, the left
> side of the engine was smoking heavily. The smoke seemed to be coming up
> from the heat exchanger. There was alot of sludge left on the engine from
> the leaky oil cooler plus, I used a significant amount of Liquid Wrench to
> get the shroud off. I'm wondering if all of this is just burning off or if I
> have a bigger problem. 

If your new seals are leaking, you will see oil on top of the case, just to the 
rear of the oil cooler mounting. Did you follow the directions in my oil seal 
FAQ to make sure you got the right seals in there?

Nothing you described above should have made the engine run any better, BUT it 
is possible that you disturbed some of the FI wiring to one of the left 
injectors so that you now have an additional cylinder working. This would be a 
very good thing, but it would cause previously cool parts to now run at their 
normal hot temp. If so, you should not be surprised to see smoke as old oil now 
has a chance to "burn" off. It is certainly possible that you are just seeing 
the Liquid Wrench burning off.

Bad electrical connections at the injectors are a common problem. In general, I 
like to take the connectors apart and gently tighten each female pin. This can 
be done without damaging anything IF you are careful.

I would also advise you to replace ALL the hoses if you found a leak in one. At 
least replace all the hoses that appear to be the same age as the one you 
replaced. This includes the hoses that are crimped onto the injectors 
themselves. The ferrules on the injectors can be cut off carefully and the 
short pieces of hose replaced. Be very careful not to cut into the hose barb 
that is underneath the crimp ferrule.  

As replacement hose, just use any decent grade of US 5/16" fuel line hose. It 
is NOT necessary to buy the special FI hose, which is rated for modern FI 
systems which run at much higher pressures than our systems. DO NOT use the 
european 7mm or 7.5mm hose. It is too small and will fail quickly.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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