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Re: [T3] just bought pigalle

>> I've seen blue ones , but never a red shift boot. My interior was pretty
>> well complete when I bought it, but did not include the original shift boot.
>> If anyone's seen a red one or a picture of one, I'd love to hear about it.
>> The red bits:
> I thought someone here had mentioned a red shift boot. How about the parking
> brake boot, and for squarebacks, the rear rubber mat?

I keep hearing about the red shift boot, but I've yet to see one.

My Pigalle (Variant) has a black shift boot, black parking brake boot, and a
black cargo mat.

The thing that is odd on mine is the brown wheels. I think they are
original, since all four match.


Phillip Bradfield

        founder: southern oregon vw club: http://www.sovw.com
        founder: das typ 3 projekt: http://www.dastyp3projekt.com
        (coming soon to a web site near you)

*new* 1988 Cabriolet - Red, for the old lady's anniversary present. 15
years. Damn, what's that water holding tank thing in the front?

*new* 1969 Fastback - Primer, Automatic - it was free!!

1969 Variant - Savanna beige, with 67 euro fenders, Type 4 2.1l
(someday...), speedster soon to have a bus dash.

1968 Variant - Granada red (under gray primer), 1835 with dual 40 Dellortos,
soon to be full automatic!

*new* 1967 Squareback - Parts car. Just gotta pick it up.

*new* 1966 Variant - Pearl white - All stock, Pigalle interior, 1600 with
dual Solex carburetors, sportin' Pedrini's all around.

1963 1500 - Ruby red (and rust), 1600 with dual Solex carburetors,

19?? Sandrail - Primer, soon to have 2.3 EFI Turbo Ford motor

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