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Re: [T3] just bought pigalle

On 1 Oct 2004 at 10:35, elchrist wrote:

> I happen to have a 1966 Fastback with red (pigalle?) interior as well.
> I wasn't aware that this option was rare and was looking to keep the
> red interior during its restore. The previous owner stated that it was
> all stock, but began to have some doubts when I realized that the low
> back seats were only available in 1966.

Do you understand that the Pigalle interiors had red in places where all the 
other cars were black? Places like the steering wheel, shift lever boot, and 
dash pad? All this was in addition to the seat covers and the vinyl panels. 

> I believe I mentioned the interior in the past during a question I had
> with the front seats. This Fastback in particular has the headrest on
> them, so I had concerns about it not being stock. Is it possible that
> the seats with the headrest were also an option?

VW offered no highback front seats in any vehicle before '68. Yours have been 

> I would have to re-upholster the interior if I install the low back
> front seats from another 1966 Fastback I own, since they are
> white/cream. I really like the red, even more now if it is in fact not
> as common.

I'm sure you could get matching lowback seat covers if you wanted to go back to 
the lowback seats. OTOH, the highback seats are really nice and make a nice 
addition to most cars, especially if they match as yours seem to.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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