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Re: [T3] just bought pigalle

JonR=> Does anyone of you know how many are
=> known to still exist? And what value the car might
=> have?

Of maybe 150 '66 Type 34s left, I've heard of eight or ten with the red
interior. I wouldn't be surprised if that proportion held with Fastbacks and
Notches, and I'd expect it to be somewhat lower for Squarebacks.

So yes, they're relatively rare. But hardly anyone knows about them, so
demand for them isn't much greater and market value isn't perceptively
different, in my experience. Add in the hassle factor of trying to restore
rare soft goods -- the seat material, for instance, is completely
unavailable -- and you get a wash in terms of value, imho.

=> playing with the thought of a real low pigalle t3 with porsche
=> braking and the t4. Trying to build it like it was there from the
=> factory. In which ways would this affect the value?

A bit of lowering, done right, can improve performance, but I wouldn't
overdo it. The stock brakes for '66 are excellent and well balanced for the
car. The Type 4 motor is attractive and I'm considering it for mine as well,
but I wouldn't look for a large horsepower gain out of it without spending
substantial money.

As for value, I think you should expect that this design will make the car
harder to sell against a stock restoration, not because it isn't fun, but
because the next owner will probably want either to do his own modifications
or to do a stock resto. Any way you go, plan on putting more money into the
car than you get out of it. This is the standard rule for old cars of all
sorts unless you're willing to cheap out and rip off the next owner.

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 KG1600, pigalle interior, resto-custom

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