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Re: [T3] early oil cooler seal dimensions

On 1 Oct 2004 at 7:36, Jason Weigel wrote:

> > Did the adapter require the 3 special spacer washers between the case and
> the
> > adapter (like the early one-piece cooler) or was the adapter bolted right
> down
> > to the case (like the late one-piece cooler?)

> It was bolted right down to the case with no spacing.

I've always wondered why they added the extra complication of the spacers with 
the early one-piece cooler; this makes it seem even more weird. And yet VW used 
the system with the spacers from '63 thru '69, a majority of our years of 
production. Go figger....

It just doesn't make any sense at all that VW would design a special cooler for 
type 3s only and then require a "shim" to make it work right with the case. At 
least they fixed it in '70 with the introduction of the late cooler with its 
thinner seals. Thinner seals would have been all it took to fix this earlier 
with the early one-piece cooler. Actually, it's a shame that thinner seals for 
this early cooler/case combination never appeared on the market.

About the only comparable engineering error I can think of was the ill-fated 
'68-9 master cylinder, which they fixed after only 2 years.

BTW, how many of you know that the early one-piece cooler also came with a 
special little piece of cooling tin that bolted on beneath the cooler to keep 
cooling air from leaking out underneath the cooler? It bolted on with the same 
2 outboard bolts that hold the oil cooler. I have NEVER taken apart a 
previously dismantled type 3 engine from this era that still had that part 
installed. It always gets lost.

That part became unnecessary and was eliminated when the late cooler was 
introduced and lowered to the case in '70.  

Sorry for the rant.... ;-)

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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