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Re: [T3] More confusing things, at least to me

<x-flowed>How long did the PO have the car? If they didn't have it for very long it's quite possible its history will not be 100% known, especially if they didn't do any work to it in the areas you are finding things. I know with the DDB, cars are coming and going, so there's no way we can possibly know everything about a car. Heck, my baby has NEVER left my family and sometimes I forget things about her :-)

As always, buyer beware. Actually, those issues are rather minor and bondo isn't a big deal if it was used appropriately. And don't expect everything to be genuine VW or Bosch parts. If you tore my engine down you wouldn't find many of those parts -- but for high-performance that's a good thing ;-)

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wfoh8x9 Martinez-Ortiz wrote:

I was putting the wiring harness back on my tranny today, finishing the teardown of my longblock and was wondering why does my 67 Fastback have a reverse light switch and wiring harness connections if my Fasty does not have reverse lights. Are they missing, that is another thing the PO did not mentioned.

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