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RE: re:defroster switch

Actually I am not sure if the defroster wires are good, but I think the only
way to test that end of the unit, is if I know I can get 12V back there(or I
guess I could hook a battery directly to the tabs on the window.  I figure
to work on the circuit from the beginning i.e. the switch. Also once I get
the switch fixed, I plan on trying that paint on stuff-if the wires on the
window are no good.

I got the switch back in, and drove it tonight-rear window fogged up, so I
tried the switch-I don't think I have it cleaned well enough, or I need to
put a stronger spring in there-maybe from one of those ball point pens. What
happens when I hit the switch-is nothing, but if I hold the rocker in a
certain position, I can hear the relay click over. It is too late now to do
anything, but next weekend I will pull the switch again, try to clean it
better and try to find a stronger spring. The spring is what helps the
contact, right?


'65 kombi
'71 sqbk
somerville, ma

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Are you sure you can get heat from the defroster element?  Not much point
sorting the switch unless the window warms up.  I can't remember if you had
already checked that.

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