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[T3] radio/defroster switch/water at feet

Well somewhat decent day, so I spent some time on the squareback.
Unfortunately my day off from work did not materialize...so I only got about
an hour on it...and I have some questions:

1. I understand my radio situation-so I will try not to modify the bracket I
bought, but maybe use it as a template to make one to fit a modern radio.

2. I took my defroster switch out, and connected the white and black wires
directly-when doing so I heard the click of what I assume to be the relay
you mentioned(jim I think told me this) Therefore I imagine my switch is
bad. Jim you had suggested taking it apart to clean-but the only thing I can
see to clean are where the wire directly hook up to it. I don't see how this
comes apart (i.e. it seems like a sealed unit). So I may go to rat shack and
see if they have anything that might work...

3.I also tried hooking the how up to the front air intake grill-and didn't
see any water for a while, then finally it poured into the air intake on the
driver side. I guess I have to take the air intake box out again, and try to
clear the hose, I thought I had cleared it before...This time I am going to
try to take the box out completely and try to salvage the fan-I saw some
pictures from bob, and hope that will help me. Has anyone tried taking one
of these out before? Last time I was able to loosen it, but the cables that
open and shut the vents were still snagged on it, and I wasn't sure how to
disconnect those.

Thanks for any further suggestions on the above...


'65 kombi
'71 sqbk
somerville, ma

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