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Re: [T3] radio

<x-flowed>Kevin Guarnotta wrote:

Hey guys

I just got a radio bracket for my '71 squareback. It looks like it just
screws into the underside of the dash.

I would like to put a modern radio in it, with a cd player. I already have
two of these in my possession.

It doesn't seem to fit, has anyone else tried this? Did you just make the
opening larger with a grinder or something? Am I missing something? Will
only an older radio fit? I think I definitely want to go with the CD player,
and as I already have it, I'd rather not have to go buy another radio, but
if that's my only option? Maybe I just need to fabricate my own bracket...

you could fab your own bracket. that would be cool. yes only old vintage radios, or shaft style newer radios can fit in the stock braket with out modification. since you have two brackets, you could mod one and keep the other, but they are getting hard to find. if they are both in good shape, i would sell it or trade it for a modified one.

for modding it all you have to do is grind out a little off the top inneropening and bottom, then test fit it.

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