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[T3] Canadian Market T3s (Was 1500 & 1600 at the same time?)

Darn it!!!  I wish I had a good retort!

Canadian market type 3s were a bit unusual and I don't know if it was
consumer demand or the German perception of what we wanted that led to the
model differences.  Starting in 64 we had dual carb cars like everyone else
but I see as many single carb cars as duals from the 64-65 years.  Strangely
I don't see a lot of 66/67 cars but presumably we were still buying them...
I have certainly heard of single carb cars kicking around from these years.
I've never seen an FI era single carb car but the literature certainly shows
that they were available here.  Another quirk for this market seems to be an
awful lot of automatic cars.  It is actually rather uncommon to find a 68 or
later manual trans car here.  It also seems that other than the auto tranny
and gas heater factory and dealer options were not overly popular. I don't
think anybody ordered A/C (and yes the sun does shine here) and things like
tachs, mudflaps and all that, even radios aren't especially abundant.  A lot
of these items will have been pilfered by now but I think that in general
Canadian cars were not accessorized too often.


> > I don't know where they were sold, but the 1500 engines were sold right
up to
> > the end in 73. After '65, the only 1500 type 3s were the single carb
> They were sold mostly in under-devoloped countries, like Canada. (wink,
> wink, Andre)
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> Russ Wolfe
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