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RE: driving etiquette

Another skill that is sorely lacking is in
passing properly. Far too many people begin
passing by changing lanes, and then after the
resultant drop in speed, speed up for the pass.

Having had underpowered cars for a very long
time, and having learned it from my mother, it
takes advanced preparation to pass someone and
do it quickly. My first 5 cars were VWs or a
Fiat 128, including my 54 max-after-a-half-hour
VW bus. You really have to learn to pass when 
you drive those.

You back off more than usual, plan ahead for
the opening, then speed up while in the same
lane, and _then_ change lanes while you already
have a head of steam.

This shortens the passing time and distance
considerably, resulting in a safer pass.
Momentum is your friend.

Another related skill sorely lacking is how to
_be_ passed. Slowing down is just as dangerous
as speeding up. Let the passing car determine
their own fate. They are anticipating that you
will stay the course, and not make any sudden
changes in speed. If you do, chaos results.

Merging is another lost art which leads to
hate for traffic circles (roundabouts).
On my work site is one. At night, with nobody
anywhere around, except me behind, the idiot 
ahead came to a full stop before entering. 
I had to toot my horn to get them to move.

Driving our underpowered (darksiders forgive me)
T3s forces us to learn how to use the power that 
we have to our best advantage.

It ain't what you got, it's how you use it.

Jeff  '67 Sqbk

-----Original Message-----
I suspect that the failing is in how 
new drivers are being taught.

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