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Re: [T3] 1500 & 1600 at the same time?

On 26 Mar 2004 at 7:00, The Canadian wrote:

> Well I answered my own question...  According to the technical data sheet a
> 1500cc engine was indeed used on the late 1500 models.  Sounds obvious of
> course, I just wonder if it really cost less to make two engines available
> for the same car!

Pistons and cylinders were just about the only internal differences between the 
2 engines. There were also 2 different compression ratios available for both 
the 1600 and 1500. So that is 4 different P/C sets to stock.

I don't think it cost VW much to stock all of those, because they were using 
the same 1500 parts in the beetles, too, after '66. I suspect that the 
economies of scale are such that it doesn't make much difference in price if 
you use 10,000 of something, or 1,000,000. Plus, keep in mind that 10,000 sets 
of pistons is 40,000 pistons. Even in the last type 3 year, VW sold over 
200,000 type 3s with 1500 engines.

Oddly enough, even though that was the last year of production, that was the 
largest single year for 1500 type 3s since '65, which was the last year that 
the ALL type 3s were 1500s.

The lowest year for 1500 type 3 production was '66, when only 60,000 were made. 
Beetles were still 1300s then. I wonder if buses used the 1500 P/Cs that year?

I thought all this info was on the web site, but I don't find it there. Shall I 
send it to you Greg? I have it all written up as a text file. It's just the 
year by year account of engine and VIN types and quantities.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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