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Re: driving laws/styles RE: [T3] HELP

--- Jim Adney <jadney@vwtype3.org> wrote:
> I suspect,
> however, that part of the 
> problem is that few people ever notice anything
> that's happening in their rear 
> view mirror.

That's exactly it. When I was in driving school, we
were taught to be constantly "scanning" between the
sides of the car, the front, and the mirrors... 

People don't do that now, and it makes it worse when
they're on the phone and totally not paying attention
to ANYTHING going on behind them... 

Hence someone's post a few back that a set of bright
truck lights in the rear view mirror is the only way
to get their attention...

I'm constantly amazed by how many people can have a
trail of cars behind them and not even realize it.
Hell, if I'm on a two-lane road (one in each
direction) sometimes I even pull over if the guy in
back of me wants to go faster than I do...

> The problem arises when some people choose a default
> lane for which there is 
> really no defense other than, "This is the lane I
> want to drive in." Slow 
> vehicles permanently parked in the left lane cause
> huge problems. Not only do 
> they slow down everyone around them, they also cause
> safety problems by 
> creating crowding and cause impatient drivers to
> take chances that they 
> shouldn't have.

Absolutely... Most accidents happen during lane
changes. Slow traffic in the left lane forces more
lane changes due to passing traffic.

> I have to admit that one of my little perverse
> pleasures while driving, 
> especially in my 35 year old squareback, is to
> overtake a string of cars all 
> backed up behind a single slow car in the left lane.
> I LOVE it when I can pass 
> ALL of them on the right and just leave them still
> packed up there.

Hah! I do the same thing... I'm like, "do you see this
old car trying to get around you because you're doing
50 in the left lane?? Aren't you ashamed? *I* should
be the slowpoke here!" :)


Have you driven your Type 3 today?

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