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Re: [T3] driving laws/styles RE: [T3] HELP

<x-flowed>At 10:24 PM -0800 3/25/04, Scott Taylor wrote:
every day there is a point where all lanes are filled with drivers
all moving at around the speed limit, with a big pack of impatient
drivers behind them trying to find a way through. Perfect

I don't understand traffic so well, but I think it may sometimes be the case, when densities are high, that the right lane does not have the capacity to allow all of those (slower) lefties to come over and let you through. At some point, the density would cross a threshold of too many cars per lane per mile, and the right lane's speed would plummet waaaay below the posted limit.

In the real world, with real cars/drivers/highways, when you're shoving the greatest number of cars down the highway per hour, they're going at about 45mph. This feels slow and frustrating to drivers, but the resource -- the highway -- is being shared and used at its absolute fullest. Take out some of the cars, and those that remain can all go faster, but you are getting fewer down the road per hour. Throw in a few more cars, and it all goes to hell -- nasty congestion.

Sure, I do appreciate that sometimes 2 or 3 slower cars are clearly blocking a HUGE clear space ahead and they block faster-driving people behind them. However, at times, it may be the case -- given real-world conditions -- that the highway simply cannot support all of those folks going that higher speed.

-Greg (...who is learning just enough about traffic engineering to realize how much he really does NOT know about traffic. It's complex, and intuition is often misleading.)

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