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Re: [T3] driving laws/styles RE: [T3] HELP

<x-flowed>On Thursday, March 25, 2004, at 06:11  PM, Jim Adney wrote:

To me it's clearly a matter of courtesy, but I think that concept is completely
lost on most people. I hear that the situation is worst in California, where
everyone wants a lane to themselves, so that if you ever got 5 cars on a 5 lane
highway, they would STILL block the whole road. My daughter reported this after
a trip to Cal a couple of years ago, and after a wasted effort trying to
explain the point to her co-driver, who was from there.

I have a daily 60 mile round trip commute through the San Fernando Valley on Interstate 5, and I can confirm that this is true. Almost every day there is a point where all lanes are filled with drivers all moving at around the speed limit, with a big pack of impatient drivers behind them trying to find a way through. Perfect inspiration for road rage. I always try to use the fast lane for passing only and pull to a slower lane to let faster drivers by. I've noticed that other drivers follow my lead when I do this, so maybe there's hope for us yet...

62 343 (no, it's not the commuter car)

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