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RE: [T3] Wet Floors at feet?

I had the same problem with my Square, and it turned out to be the fresh
air vents. Once they get clogged, they fill up with water and start
leaking in all sorts of places.  This would rarely happen in the rain,
unless it would rain straight for days and days.  This is because the
water would slowly drain if given the chance.  

Heavy rains and car washes fill them up quick, and thus the leak.  There
are two vertical tubes under the dash that come from the fresh air
vents. Check those to see if they are clogged.  Also: Check the holes
where the tubes come from at the top and the bottom to see if *those*
are clogged.   

Careful: My floor got DRENCHED when I disconnected those tubes. I had no
idea that the vents could hold that much water.


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After washing my fb the floors are wet in front by your right foot on
driver's side and left foot on passangers side.  Now I have driven the
in the rain and haven't seen or noticed this.  What is the best way to
find the leak?

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