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At 02:27 PM 3/23/04, Jim Adney wrote:
>I think that Hal underestimates a bit on how hard a T4 conversion is going to 
>be for someone not familiar with either, but it CAN be done. That said, if it 
>is a 74 it will be a different kind of FI (1800cc L-Jetronic) so it will be 
>even harder to fit in there. The type 4 engine is also considerably bigger in 
>general, so things get very crowded.  

Looking back on what I wrote, I did underestimate a bit -- not *intentionally*,
but I did.  I was writing from my memory which is far from perfect.    =)

The automatic makes things *less* complicated.  With the AT there's no 
messing with the throwout bearing, pressure plate, pilot bearing or 
clearancing of the bellhousing.  BUT, it requires the T4 flexplate and 
torque converter, which may be harder to find (if one doesn't already have
them) than the T3 versions -- my T3 is a stick so I haven't checked.

The L-Jet makes things *more* complicated -- I was thinking of the D-Jet 1.7s 
when I wrote that, and completely spaced on the 1.8L using L-Jet.  My bad.
If I were facing an L-jet engine and didn't have and/or couldn't get the missing 
parts I'd put carbs on it to get it on the road and sort the FI later.

>The easiest installation would probably be a late type 3 engine with a 67 dual 
>carb setup. If you could find those parts they would probably work with the 
>least amount of screwing around. I'm afraid that everything else will be a long 
>string of little details & changes to correct and making parts to fit.  

No arguement here, though if the money's available I'd take a look at the new
dual-Solex kit that CB Performance lists .. not sure if it's available for T3s

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