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On 23 Mar 2004 at 12:43, Rus wrote:

> My 70 fastback is in good to great condition for setting in a field for
> upteen years. no rust cept for a small place on a fender. its all
> there.......cept for the engine. Its an automatic which i want to keep and
> its still in the car. The t4 engine was with an auto also.........still
> complete and has all its pieces i believe its a 74 but im sort of unsure of
> that. NOW, your instructions......would they still apply....as far as the
> auto tranny if i went with the t4.....I hear its a GREAT engine, but I got
> this other one for CHEAPPPPP so i thought what the heck id go carb.......and
> maybe it would fit a little better. 

I think that Hal underestimates a bit on how hard a T4 conversion is going to 
be for someone not familiar with either, but it CAN be done. That said, if it 
is a 74 it will be a different kind of FI (1800cc L-Jetronic) so it will be 
even harder to fit in there. The type 4 engine is also considerably bigger in 
general, so things get very crowded.  

I'd be leery of the early engine. I assume this is a type 3 engine, not a 
beetle, as there are significant changes that you have to make to the beetle 
engine to make it work. Don't even bother with a beetle engine. Besides, I 
think a 63 beetle engine was still a 1200cc.  

If you have no engine at all in there now, then there are lots of potential 
problems even with trying to put back a 70 type 3 engine. You don't know, for 
example, what parts of the FI are still there and which are missing, and you 
don't know which parts are any good. There are certainly some which will not 
want to work after sitting for umpteen years.  

Whatever you put in there, it will have to have the rear mount crossbar to 
support it from the rear. That means that it will be a 70 or later type 3 or a 
type 4 with a home modified crossbar.  

The easiest installation would probably be a late type 3 engine with a 67 dual 
carb setup. If you could find those parts they would probably work with the 
least amount of screwing around. I'm afraid that everything else will be a long 
string of little details & changes to correct and making parts to fit.  

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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