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Thanks Hal........so these are my options........let
me explain in detail and let me say that I sure
appreciate all your help and the entire sites help
cause i dont know type 3's.....actually to be honest
vw's are NEW to me hehe.......so im learning as i go
so please bare with me. .

My 70 fastback is in good to great condition for
setting in a field for upteen years. no rust cept for
a small place on a fender. its all there.......cept
for the engine. Its an automatic which i want to keep
and its still in the car. The t4 engine was with an
auto also.........still complete and has all its
pieces i believe its a 74 but im sort of unsure of
that. NOW, your instructions......would they still
apply....as far as the auto tranny if i went with the
t4.....I hear its a GREAT engine, but I got this other
one for CHEAPPPPP so i thought what the heck id go
carb.......and maybe it would fit a little
better.....sheesh.........so i dont know.

--- Hal Sullivan <tristessa@pon.net> wrote:
> At 07:29 AM 3/23/04, Rus wrote:

> If your two options right now are the '63-ish T3
> engine or the T4 FI engine, I'd 
> be leaning towards the T4.  This list is a very good
> source of  FI information 
> and assistance, and there are a few people around
> that know about the T4-into-T3 
> installation.  Whoever told you it takes lots of
> modifications was overstating 
> things.   Putting that T4 engine with FI into your
> '70 isn't really much more work
> than putting a carbed pre-'69 T3 engine into it. 
> T4 engine:
> 1) ...............
> Pre-'69 T3 engine:
> 1) ...................
> Hopefully this will help .. 
> List info at http://www.vwtype3.org/list |
> mailto:gregm@vwtype3.org

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