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At 07:29 AM 3/23/04, Rus wrote:
>hehehe Sorry guys..........im just used to working on
>bugs and busses that are carb-ed.......I have a 412
>type 4 engine that IS fuel injected but was told it
>wouldnt fit in my type three without alot of
>modifications and im just not up to that.......just

If your two options right now are the '63-ish T3 engine or the T4 FI engine, I'd 
be leaning towards the T4.  This list is a very good source of  FI information 
and assistance, and there are a few people around that know about the T4-into-T3 
installation.  Whoever told you it takes lots of modifications was overstating 
things.   Putting that T4 engine with FI into your '70 isn't really much more work
than putting a carbed pre-'69 T3 engine into it.  Here's a basic rundown of what 
would need to be done -- I'm sure I've missed some details,  this is off the top of 
my head.

T4 engine:
1) Move the pilot bearing from the end of the crank to the center of the flywheel.
   (requires slight machining and a $5 part.)
2a) Add early-style ring to pressure plate -- scavenge from a pressure plate "core"
    or get one from John at aircooled.net, he told me he had them awhile back.
            -- or --
2b) Add adapter sleeve for late-model throwout bearing to transaxle, and change 
     the throwout bearing fork/shaft to the '71-up style.
3)  Slightly clearance the bellhousing (if needed).
4)   Fabricate/adapt the crossmember mounting.
5)  (the tricky part) Find a cooling inlet ring and boot from a 411/412 Squareback.
6)  Hook up FI, hit the key.

Pre-'69 T3 engine:
1) Fabricate crossmember mounting.  The pre-'69 engines didn't have a rear 
   crossmember like your '70 does, there are no bosses in the case to mount one.
   Forget about the "crossmember adapter" plates that go on the oilpump, they're 
   a very bad idea, are designed for a Bus, and therefore won't work with the T3 
   crossmember without some serious fabrication.  The swingaxle T3's had frame
   horns for the transaxle like a Bug, the IRS T3's don't.
2a) If you're doing it "right", remove all FI-related wiring, hoses and components 
    from the engine compartment, the "brain" from inside the driver-side rear fender, 
    the fuel pump under the beam.  Plug the return line going into the gas tank.  
        (this is a *lot* more work than it seems, been-there-done-that)
2b) Save *everything* from the FI system and sell it all to someone on the list. 
     Everyone wins -- you get some money, the buyer gets some spare parts.
3)  Install early engine.  Spend the rest of your life syncing the carbs and cussing 
     about worn-out factory dual-carb linkage that won't stay adjusted.

Hopefully this will help .. 

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