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[T3] Headlight Rim again, and Torsion Bar Bushings

Hello all,

I apologize for reposting this...a buncha people responded to my last 
request, but I was too swamped at work at the time to respond, and then I 
accidentally deleted all the responses :-/

SO, i'll repost my request: anyone out there have a nice, rust-free and 
original type 3 headlight rim they'd sell/trade me? My aftermarket one is 
all rusty after just one year or so, and my original got trashed when a 
brick slid off of a garbage truck I was driving next to on the highway :-/
Please respond directly to this email address if you have one...thx!

Question 2: My rear suspension clunks pretty often, and I'm thinking that 
my torsion bar bushings are trashed. This is my year for working on the 
Fasty's suspension (last year was brakes, year before was body/welding), so 
I'm wondering: are these bushings generally available? How difficult are 
they to replace?

ALSO, my wife and I were going over this year's calendar a few days ago, 
and I mentioned the Type 3 Get Together in Hershey...and go figure, she's 
all excited for it! I think it has more to do with chocolate, though. It'll 
be awesome to finally meet everyone on this list :-)

Thanks in advance for any responses!

- Doug :-)
'73 Fasty

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