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Re: [T3] Rather nice Fastback on ebay

Sad,  really sad.  That Progressive will choke that engine to death!
Hopefully the new owner will at least put some decent duals on it.


> "The engine was bought from the Letourneau University automotive
> program, and has a story of its own. The engine was donated to the
> university by Volkswagen to be used as a test stand engine so students
> could see how to diagnose the Bosch fuel injection system. The relays
> and computer were broken out on display, so you could see how
> everything worked. The engine is a 1968 model that was brand new. The
> paint on the heater boxes was not even burned off yet! The engine
> supposedly had less than 10 hours of demo time on it when it was
> retired to a holding garage were it sat for over 20 years until I
> bought it. The engine cranked right up and ran beautifully the first
> time I gave it power, new oil, and fuel. For my application, I swapped
> from the fuel injection to a Progressive Weber carburetor in order to
> try and keep the car's mechanical means as close to stock as possible.
> So the engine in this vehicle has the same mileage that is displayed
> on the rebuilt odometer. This factory engine truly has only 1734
> miles."

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