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[T3] NOS fender beading for T3

Okay, I finally hooked up with my friend this evening. He doesn't want to
hassle with it, but said I could sort through the emails, take payments and
dig out the pieces myself if I wanted to.

I have no interest in this other than to help listees find a hard part to
come by. So in other words, if you aren't serious, don't jerk me around.
Someone jerks me around and I won't bother to waste my time again. I just
don't need the drama, sorry. If you don't like the price, I'm sorry, it is
NOT negotiable. Try to find it somewhere else, but please don't waste my
time. If you contact me, I will assume you are willing to buy and ready to
pay for what you ask for. Otherwise, don't ask as it only wastes my time AND

Scoop is this..
$40 for a single piece (and it doesn't matter if you buy 1, 3 or 10. they
are still $40 each)
$200 for a full matched correct set of 4.
Prices are plus shipping.

Full sets available are:
L-41 Black to fit notchback (1 set available)
L-41 Black to fit squareback (1 set available)
L-512 Velvet Green to fit notchback (2 sets available)
L-563 Safari Beige to fit a notchback (1 set available)
L-568 Sea Sand to fit a notchback (3 sets available)
L-575 Nutria to fit a notchback (2 sets available)
L-575 Nutria to fit a squareback (2 sets available)
L-633 VW Blue to fit a notchback (1 set available)

L-469 Anthracite to fit a notchback (1 set available, but Jason W. already
called dibs on it. I will give him until Monday night at midnight to let me
know, after that, it is up for grabs)

If you want singles or your color is not listed here and you would buy 1,2
or 3 pieces if he has them, feel free to email me and ask for them. I have a
somewhat current list of the fender beading now. 95% of it is 69 or earlier
After you contact me, I will go dig out the pieces you requested and confirm
that they are the correct pieces. We can then figure out the shipping and
payment details. I can also take paypal for those of you that are familiar
with it.

It is possible to put sets of 4 together with 2 of the same corner if you
are desperate.
For example: L-563 Safari Beige for notchback there is 2 left fronts, 1 left
rear and 1 right rear.
It works the other way as well. L-469 Anthracite for squareback there is 1
left front, 1 right front and 2 left rears
These type of "sets" will only be $160 (the single piece price times 4).

There are no front hood trim seals left. They have all been sold already.

Squareback rear apron pieces are as follows (sorry, I forgot to ask how much
for these):
L-87 Pearl White (1 piece available)
L50B Diamond Blue (1 set available)

He also said I can take requests for other hard to find items if I want. I
don't really want to, but if there is something you just HAVE to have and
are willing to pay retail price for it I will ask him if he has it and/or
wants to sell it. Again, please don't waste my time if you have no money.
Tachs, over-rider bumpers, roof racks and a few of the other insanely
expensive accessories aren't for sale, so don't bother asking.

Patrick D.

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