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[T3] front turn signals... revisited

After living with my front turn signals not quite working for a few weeks
I finally had time to take a closer look.  I don't believe they are wired
correctly and I'm coming here for some help...

When I pull out the switch inside to turn on the parking lights, on the
drivers side I get:
1 wire has around 12 volts on it, and the other 2 are 0 volts
On the passenger side I get:
3 wires with 0 volts on it

I'm assuming this is the start of my problem, since the parking lights on
my passenger side don't work.  I have the original colored wire on my turn
signal unit, but once the wires come out of the seal they connect to the
wiring harness (of which the turn signal part has been redone, so the
wire colors don't match).  Is the 12 volt wire on the drivers side
supposed to be the black wire?  How can I tell the difference between the
brown and the gray?

I'm not too good with the wiring diagrams but if somebody could just tell
me what the brown, gray, and black wires are and what each is used for,
thatd would help out a lot.  I'm assuming the brown is the ground and I
know what that is, but what is the black and gray?


Jacob Schroeder
'72 Squareback

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