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[T3] General Parts Question


Well I am getting ready to cruise my Fasty starting from AZ-AL-MD-PA-and ending in TX. I have not caculated the total miles yet but I figure at least 8K total. I want to make sure everything is in good working order before hand so I am going to put a FLOAT Eng and SW Axle in T3 and keep my original components.

I need to know about when  change the SW Axle, do I need anything special, I mean I plan on replacing the Shaft seals at the brake shoe housings, the Shaft Boots, the nose cone gasket if it needs it and my FLAPS sugested the shift coupler and the seals for the side cover plates. Anything else???

On the Engine I am putting a new 87mm piston kit and am debating on a stroker crank maybe a 82mm. I will be using the stock solex's so I dont want to go and upset to much the power balance. I will be doing all my own work as usual so more than likely I will just go with the slip-in piston kit. When I raise the rear of the vehicle are the usual "Oil Change Ramps" enough or do I need more clearance, I know on T1 I would because the fan shroud. I will be taking the engine out first and then the Swing axle, will replace all push rod tubes gaskets, cilinder seals, rocker assy seals, carburetor gaskets and all the fluids.

Is there anything else that I might have missed, I do not have any vacation so mainly I will be doing this in the afternoons after work and maybe the weekend depending on the wife state of mind .

 I will modify a floorjack I have by welding a 1'x1 steel plate on the mating surface with two angle brackets  on the side to take the major components off or do you guys suggest a different approach.

I have a preety good grasp on mechanical knowledge but I respect the opinions of this group so if I missed anything please share your mind.


Bryan please don't be upset, I promise to be extra careful and double check everything.   



97 Outback
67 Fastback
64 Fleetside

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