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Re: rear window defroster

> OK... here is the solution to the rear window defroster issue.
> It takes some finesse and ingenuity but....

Is this speaking from experience, Keith?

I don't know if it's the same sort of kit as I put on my Beetle years ago - that
had a paper with the lines on it, that you applied to the cleaned rear window,
and trapped the wire ends in a plastic self-adhesive channel with an aluminium
gripping rod.  As the wires heated up, they melted the special adhesive and
stayed stuck there when cool, so you could remove the backing paper.  It worked
fine for maybe a year, but gradually the wires came away from the glass.
I hadn't thought of applying it to a window while removed; maybe modern
adhesives could do a better job than all those years ago.

I can't see why there would be too much current, unless our rear windows are so
much narrower than the average car it's made to fit.

I was toying with using some of that pin-striping masking tape, sand-blasting
the glass between and spraying some graphite, then overcoating it.  I even
worked out how thick the film would need to be for the right current
consumption, but I never got around to doing it so I've no idea if it would
I guess you would need each wire to have maybe 30 to 40 ohms resistance to give
about 4 to 5 ohms for 8 in parallel.

Do I recall that some modern screens (even available on Beetle front
windshields) have a coating that's heated rather than separate wires?  Could be
it's between the laminate layers I suppose.

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