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This has been the way of the world since Day One for Type 3 Ghia drivers,
and our experience is a microcosm for the rest of Type 3 world. You already
know how far we are from Type 1 land, but even there parts are getting
harder to find, more expensive, lower quality -- and the Beetle was the
largest-selling automotive platform *ever*, bar none. We have to face up to
the unavoidable, Type 3s are not easy and getting rarer every day;
maintaining one requires a certain commitment.

Doing a Ghia was nearly impossible until Ghia drivers began sharing info and
working together. That's what will be increasingly needed in the wider Type
3 world. I'll submit that there are enough people on this list who need
Fastback popout rubber, for example, to make a custom order from a small
supplier or a listee with skill and tools. It won't be cheap or easy, but it
can be done, where out there on your own it'd be impossible, and once you've
got molds made you've helped a lot of people in the future as well. That
potential for group action is one of many factors that make this list
important. Cultivate it and take advantage of it! We can't rely on vendors.

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 KG1600

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