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Re: [T3] RMMW, Type 3 owners will likely loose :-( My little rant

For Mid America to "buy" a license it cost some $$.
The bigger the license, (the more parts that are
covered under that license), the  more $$.  And I'm
sure like most vendors/distributors MAM will not find
the Type 3 parts profitable enough.  The Bug, Bus and
Ghia parts are a different story with a much higher
profit margin.  I hope I'm wrong, but the impression I
got from the sales person I spoke to was not to count
on seeing ANY Type 3 specific parts,(I even mentioned
the e-mail from a "friend", (Russ) from their sales
manager, see my original post from yesterday):-(  And
this was due to the licensing agreements, his words
not mine.  And any licensing agreement between VWoA
and RMMW died with RMMW.  And would  not likely be
renewed by MAM, again his words.  Again I hope I'm
wrong, but lets see.  



--- Keith Park <topnotch@nycap.rr.com> wrote:
> Ahh,,,  why would VWoA care if the part was T3
> specific?
> If VWoA lets the sell the Bug stuff Im quite sure
> they dont if they sell T3
> stuff too as there is so little demand in
> comparison.
> Keith
> > This is really begining to leave a bad taste in my
> > mouth.  As the oiginal MAM press release says, " a
> big
> > plus for classic VW owners", (it should say in
> fine
> > print though, "but only if you have a Bug, Bus or
> > Ghia")  Directly or indirectly VWoA has won, we as
> a
> > Type 3 community have potentially lost;-(
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