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[T3] Re: Year of the Type 3 @ Bugapalčza 6

Hi Travis,

Sure, no sweat -- go for it!

I'll cc: this message to the vwtype3.org mailing list, as Type III fans in/near TN will want to be sure to make it to your show.

-Greg Merritt

On Mar 15, 2004, at 10:00 AM, Travis wrote:

My name is Travis Barefoot. ÊI am (or at least was) a member of type3.org.Ê My wife and I currently own a 1973 Squareback.Ê I am a member of the Scenic City Volks Folks in Chattanooga, TN.Ê We hold a VW festival (Bugapal?za) every year in April.Ê For the past several years, we haveÊpaid homage toÊa specific VW and made it the "Year of the Type ****".Ê This year it is the Type 3.Ê In the past, I have put together a booklet with information and history about the honored vehicles and given them to each owner of such vehicle.Ê
In putting these together, I researched the internet for information and history.Ê Information from websites has been the major contribution for these booklets.Ê Of course, I used such information at the website owner's discretion and with their permission.Ê I have always included links to their websites and listed who was responsible for the information.
May I have permission to use information, including pictures, articles, etc. from the type3.org website to put into a booklet for all the Type 3 owners who attend Bugapal?za 6?Ê I will list links and give credit to the author of such articles.
You can find out more about our show at http://www.volksfolks.org
Thank you for your help in this matter,
Travis Barefoot
Editor, VolksFolks News

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