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Re: Lots of T3 Parts! (I finally got a scanner!)

> > > In http://www.tuff240.com/images/t3/badcamberggoodies04.jpg:
> > Can you identify the rubber gasket just above the second bus turn signal
> lense and to the right of the cut-off solenoids? That's a pretty cool
> that most T3 people won't recognize.
> >
> The '62 Type 34 square hood badge seal?  :)
> I think the 3 little grey seals right above the finger plates would also
> hard to id.

Yes, it is an early T34 badge seal/gasket. I'm impressed. Not many people
know that one.

The three grey seals I thought were easy. Especially if you've ever owned a
pre 64 car. :-)

Want a hard one? Try to place the little nipples just above the T34 badge
gasket. (yes, they are also hard to see because of the bluriness, so I won't
hold this against anyone. :-)

> By the way, I'm salivating on that silver-ring Type 34 tach.

Haha, I remember walking up to a table at the Bad Camberg swap meet and a
guy was holding it and looking at it. My heart raced, and I was a bit
dis-appointed not getting to it first. Then he sat it back down and I
snatched it up as fast as I could..LOL. He shouldn't have hesitated. :-P

I also remember buying the T3 blinker arm covers still sealed on the red
cardboard piece. I asked how much and the guy replied in DM's, I think it
converted to about $60US. I handed him the money expecting to get only one
of them and he handed me the whole lot of them....LOL. Woohooo! Score! You
can see them best in this pic:

-Patrick D.

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