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Re: [T3] RMMW, Type 3 owners will likely loose :-( My little rant

--- Cybernotchback <cybernotchback@yahoo.com> wrote:

> My take on it is that MAM couldn't be bothered, (I
> even told the sales person that MAM would lose a lot
> of friends).  His response, "that's too bad, but due
> to the lack of licensing they couldn't even sell
> clothing". Which leads me to beleive that ANY part
> with a VW part #, VW symbol...etc will likely be
> disposed of rather than sold.  

I don't get it... You need to have a license from VW
to sell any old VW parts? Does that mean if RMMW had a
bunch of NOS passenger straps or something that MAM
could not sell them? 

Does this mean they're sellers of purely third-party
aftermarket parts?
> This is really begining to leave a bad taste in my
> mouth.  As the oiginal MAM press release says, " a
> big
> plus for classic VW owners", (it should say in fine
> print though, "but only if you have a Bug, Bus or
> Ghia")  Directly or indirectly VWoA has won, we as a
> Type 3 community have potentially lost;-(

Once again...

> Or cros your fingers
> and hope that once MAM sees RMMW's sales, ($$) for
> Type 3 specific parts they may change their minds,
> (not likely, I hate big business)

Agreed... ugh...

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